Apogee Labs provides leading edge solutions for transporting, testing, converting and recording data. Our products are modular in design and cost-effective to meet a variety of data transport applications. We have successfully provided support to major aircraft companies, NASA as well as military establishments worldwide and are considered a leading supplier in the data transport industry. Our products include signal interfacing and conversion, fiber optic data transport, video distribution, code conversion, airborne and ground multiplexers, data recording, portable and lab based test equipment, data acquisition and satellite tracking systems, RF data links and more.

The Multiplexer Product Family

Apogee's flag-ship product line. It is a field-configurable multiplexing system that merges multiple data sources into a composite stream for transmitting over communication networks. Input signals can include a mix of serial digital data, digitized analog data, voice, time code signals, compressed video or virtually any data source that can be digitized.

The Test Product Family

A series of equipment used by communication and telemetry engineers to test communication links and system components such as bit synchronizers, modems and digital multiplexers. There are multiple products that include a standard Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) as well as a Data Link Test Set (DLTS).

The Data Acquisition Family

A line of products that merge multiple data sources into a composite stream for recording, transmission or IRIG compatible decommutation. The products are designed to produce an IRIG-106 Time Division Multiplex (TDM) serial PCM data stream containing data gathered from analog and digital sources.

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