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August 2011

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In this issue, check out WiNRADiO's Excaliber Pro receiver which will be available later this month. Acromag has received UL certification for it's I/O Server Industrial PC.  Pentek has announced the first in it's new line of rugged real-time recorders.  We've also included some information from Symmetricom on mitigating GPS interference that we think will be of interest to you.


WiNRADiO - New WR-G33DDC Excalibur Pro Available Late August   

The WiNRADiO WR-G33DDC 'EXCALIBUR Pro' is a high-performance, low-cost, direct-sampling, software-defined, shortwave receiver with a frequency range from 9 kHz to 49.995 MHz. It wrg31includes a real-time 50 MHz-wide spectrum analyzer and 4 MHz-wide instantaneous bandwidth available for recording, demodulation and further digital processing.



  • 9 kHz to 49.995 MHz continuous frequency range
  • Direct sampling
  • Digital down-conversion
  • 16-bit 100 MSPS A/D converter
  • 50 MHz-wide, real-time spectrum analyzer
  • 4 MHz recording and processing bandwidth
  • Continuously adjustable filter bandwidth down to 1 Hz
  • Three parallel demodulator channels
  • Waterfall display functions
  • Audio spectrum analyzer
  • Audio and IF recording and playback
  • Recording with pre-buffering
  • EIBI, HFCC and user frequency databases support
  • Very high IP3 (+31 dBm)
  • Excellent sensitivity (0.20 µV SSB, 0.10 µV CW)
  • Excellent dynamic range (107 dB)
  • Excellent frequency stability (0.5 ppm)
  • Selectable medium wave filter
  • User-configurable preselector
  • Selectable low-noise preamplifier
  • Test and measurement functions
  • USB 2.0 interface 

 For more information, click here.

Acromag - Fanless Industrial PC with Modular I/O Receives UL Approval for Use in Hazardous Locations  


Acromag's rugged I/O Server Industrial PC is now UL/cUL listed with approval for use in Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D hazardous environments containing volatile substances.

Already ruggedized for dependable computing in sites subject to extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration; thAcromagfanless2e Acromag I/O Server Industrial PC now has Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certification for Class I Division 2 Group A, B, C, D hazardous locations with volatile substances. This UL approval permits use of the I/O server fanless embedded computer and its plug-in I/O modules in environments with flammable liquids, gases, or vapors. UL's Class I Div 2 certification is often required for electronics deployed in chemical, oil, gas, mining, and other manufacturing facilities. With the higher safety rating, the I/O Server can be installed closer to sensors and actuators to reduce installation costs for monitoring and control of automated machinery. Additionally, the I/O Server has no internal cables and conduction cooling removes heat without open vents or fans for more reliable operation from -40 to 75°C. 


For more information, click here.  


Pentek - Rugged 200 MHz Real-Time Data Recording and Playback Instrument PentekRTR2746

The Pentek RTR 2746 is a turnkey, multiband record and playback instrument that is built to operate under harsh conditions. Designed to withstand high vibration and operating temperatures, the RTR 2746 is intended for military, airborne and UAV applications requiring a rugged instrument. With scalable A/Ds, D/As and SSD (solidstate drive) storage, the RTR 2746 can be customized to stream data to and from disk at rates as high as 1600 MB/sec. 



  • Complete multiband recording and playback instrument
  • 4 U 19 inch industrial rugged rackmount PC server chassis
  • Windows® 7 Professional workstation with high performance Intel® Xeon® processor
  • 200 MHz max 16-bit A/D sampling and recording: 0 to 8 channels
  • 1.25 GHz max 16-bit D/A sampling for playback: 0 to 8 channels
  • 80 MHz maximum record/playback signal bandwidths
  • Capable of record/playback of IF frequencies up to 700 MHz
  • Real-time sustained recording rates of up to 1600 MBytes/sec in 4-channel configuration
  • Removable SSD drives
  • Up to 24 terabytes of storage to NTFS RAID disk array
  • RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and 50
  • SystemFlow® GUI with signal viewer analysis tool which includes a virtual oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer
  • C-callable API for integration of recorder into application
  • File headers include time stamping and recording parameters
  • DDC decimation and DUC interpolation range from 2 to 65,536 

 For more information, click here.


Symmetricom- Mitigating GPS Interference  

GPS receivers have been widely used in communications infrastructure to provide precise time and frequency required to synchronize wireless base stationSymmetricom logos to ensure seamless call handoff, quality streaming video and location based services such as car navigation systems and most notably E911 services in the US. However, recent events have shown that GPS is susceptible to interference from deliberate spoofing and jamming techniques which can seriously disrupt or even completely disable GPS dependent applications and natural outages as with urban canyons.

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