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August 2012

In this month's edition of our newsletter, take a look at Acromag's new XMC-6VLX mezzanine modules, GDP Space Systems' new multi-channel satellite modem and Pentek's new 2 channel RF/IF Rackmount Recorder.

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XMC-6VLS - User-Configurable Virtex-6 FPGA Modules with PCIe and SRIO/Aurora Interface


Acromag's XMC-6VLX modules feature a high-performance user-configurable Xilinx® Virtex®-6 FPGA enhanced with high-speed memory and a high-throughput serial interface. The result is a powerful and flexible I/O processor module that is capable of executing custom instruction sets and algorithms. 



  • Reconfigurable Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA with 240k or 365k logic cells
  • 2M x 72-bit QDRII SRAM,128M x 64-bit DDR3 SDRAM
  • 16M x 16-bit parallel flash memory for MicroBlaze program code storage
  • 128Mb platform flash memory to store powerup configuration bit file for Virtex-6 FPGA
  • Dual 8-lane high-speed serial interfaces on rear P15 and P16 connectors for PCIe Gen 1/2, Serial RapidI/O, 10Gb Ethernet, Xilinx Aurora
  • Dual SFP ports for Fibre Channel or GbE
  • 60 SelectI/O or 30 LVDS pairs plus 2 global clock pairs direct to FPGA via rear P4 port
  • 34 SelectI/O or 17 LVDS pairs plus 2 global clock pairs direct to FPGA via rear P16 port
  • 22 SelectI/O, 2 global clock pairs, JTAG, USB, and ground signals via front 36-pin connector
  • DMA support provides data transfer between system memory and the on-board memory
  • Support for Xilinx ChipScope™ Pro interface
  • Designed for conduction-cooled host card or up to -40 to 85°C operation

For more information, click here.

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Model 4405 - Multi-Channel Satellite Modem


The GDP model 4405 Multi-Channel Satellite Modem system is a digital signal / data processor. This highly flexible system provides comprehensive multi-link telemetry support for satellite ground stations in a single fully integrated package. 



  • Software defined radio technology
  • Multi-mode Modulator / Demodulator waveforms
  • Tone & PRN Ranging
  • PCM Code Conversion Capability
  • CCSDS SLE compatibility
  • Reed Solomon and Turbo encoders and decoders
  • Data & Network based simulators
  • Stream Data Recording and Playback w/ 1TB Capacity
  • FEC/ Convolutional Encoding and Decoding
  • Data Interleave & De-interleave
  • Test Loop Support
  • Built-in Self Test
  • Integrated PRN BERT
  • GPS Time & Frequency Reference
  • Advanced Digital waveform generation and processing
  • Scalable solution 
  • Field upgradeable features and performance
  • Supports XML based command and control protocols over TCP/IP Ethernet Communications
  • Flexible interface options
  • Redundant power for reliable operation
For more information, click here. 
Model RTS 2709 - Talon Ultra Wide-Band RF/IF Rackmount Recorder

The Talon RTS 2709 is a turnkey system, used for recording high-bandwidth signals. The RTS 2709 uses 12-bit, 3.6 GHz A/D converters and can provide sustained recording rates up to 3200 MB/sec. It can be configured as a one- or two-channel system and can record sampled data, packed as 8-bit wide consecutive samples, or as 16-bit wiide consecutive samples (12-bit digitized samples residing in the 12 MSBs of the 16-bit word.)  



  • High-speed RF/IF recording system
  • Sample rates up to 3.2 GHz in single-channel mode
  • Sample rates up to 1.6 GHz in dual-channel mode
  • Capable of recording RF/IF frequencies to 1.75 GHz in single-channel mode
  • Capable of recording RF/IF frequencies to 2.8 GHz in dual-channel mode
  • 12-bit A/D, with 12 and 8 bit packing modes
  • Real-time sustained recording rates of up to 3200 MB/sec
  • 4U 19 inch industrial rackmount PC server chassis
  • Windows® 7 Professional workstation with high performance Intel® CoreTM i7 processor
  • Up to 20 terabytes of SSD storage to NTFS RAID disk array
  • RAID levels of 0 ,1, 5 , 6, 10 and 50
  • N+1 redundant power supply
  • SystemFlow® GUI with signal viewer analysis tool
  • C-callable API for integration of recorder into application
  • File headers include time stamping and recording parameters
  • Optional GPS time and position stamping
For more information, click here.
The recorder is also available in a rugged rackmount version, the Talon RTR 2749.  For information on this product, click here.

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