GDP Space Systems, a division of Delta Information Systems, is a recognized leading supplier of high quality state-of-the-art aerospace telemetry products and systems. GDP products are in use worldwide at satellite ground terminals, telemetry ranges, and testing facilities.

GDP was conceived on the premise that we are driven by the needs of the customer. To us, this means:

* Provide the product that suits the application
* Embody that product with reliability
* Price the product fairly
* Support the customer in every way possible

For over 30 years, GDP has earned a reputation for delivering innovative, state-of-the-art and high performance designs to solve even the most complex tasks in a cost-effective manner.


A variety of receiver / demodulators are available which address a broad range of applications. Inputs are supported for RF (L-band, S-band, etc.), IF (tunable to 80 MHz) or SC (tunable to 10 MHz). Demodulation is provided for Q/B/SQ/UQ/AQ/UA/UAQ/SOQ-PSK. PM and FM. Bit Synchronization is also included in some units.


The products in our Modulator product line accept digital baseband inputs and produce modulated outputs for subcarriers, IF or RF frequencies. Modulations include FSK, AM/FSK (SGLS), PM and QPSK in many of its variants.

Bit Synchronizers

The PCM Bit Synchronizer is a key component in the telemetry ground station. It must reconstruct its input data stream with the highest fidelity to allow the processing system to produce meaningful information. The most demanding customers consider our bit synchronizers to be the GOLD Standard. GDP offers a series of bit synchronizers to satisfy a wide spectrum of applications. We offer units containing a single bit synchronizer or multiple synchronizers (up to 16). Optional features include: built in simulator, Forward Error Correction (Viterbi), Automatic bit rate determination, built in BERT, Quadrature signal handling (QPSK, AQPSK, SOQPSK, etc.), and in a multiple synchronizer configuration , Best Source Selection that produces a high fidelity output that is the best combination of bits from multiple sources.

Frame Synchronizers

GDP offers a comprehensive line of IRIG-106 Class II telemetry format synchronizers. We also provide telemetry synchronization systems for Weather Satellite formats. Some of these devices also contain a data quality monitor and/or a built in PCM simulator. The decommutation process supports the definition of individual word characteristics so as to extract measurements from the data stream as opposed to only groups of bits of fixed length.

Best Source Selectors

A data link received from a moving source, such as an aircraft or satellite, is often received at multiple locations. Each received data stream is contaminated uniquely. The industry unique GDP product line of Multi-Signal Combiner / Best Source Selection products is capable of accepting multiple signal sources and, based upon the measured signal quality of each, the best bits from each stream are seamlessly combined to form a high fidelity reconstruction of the original data content. Knowledge of the data content, such as a frame synchronization pattern, is not required. Therefore, even encrypted data streams are reliably processed without decryption.


Telemetry systems require PCM simulators to provide system testing and pre-mission verification that all hardware and software functions are setup and operating correctly. An independently programmed simulator is needed to ensure unbiased test results. GDP has been providing easy to use, programmable PCM simulators since the 1980s.

Telemetry over IP

Transporting data (PCM, Video, Audio, Analog) from its source to a destination, that may be thousands of miles away, has long been a challenge. Often times in the past, recordings of the data have been mailed to destinations and weeks could go by before an investigator had access to the needed data. That era is past. Acquired data is now made available to investigators almost instantly. The GDP Data / Network Gateway product line provides the means to reliably transport almost any type of data to remote locations with minimum latency on shared or dedicated carriers.

Data Test Sets

Testing a data link can be a complex activity. GDP provides equipment to generate test data streams, detect errors in the return link and manipulate the data stream to produce intentional errors to simulate unique conditions. Our Bit-Error-Rate-Testers (BERTs) generate standard maximal length pseudo-random data or fixed patterns for testing data links or bit detection (bit synchronizers) equipment.

SGLS / Ternary-Signal data-link testing is a unique capability available from GDP. All three signal states are exercised and decoded by our unique differential encoder / decoder.

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