GPS Networking, Inc. is the only company which specializes in providing global positioning products and solutions to enable you to effectively distribute the GPS signal throughout your site or facility. GPS Networking has developed a line of building block GPS products which allow you to design your own GPS network to meet your individual needs. For over 15 years, GPS Networking has been the number one provider of GPS Antenna Splitters, GPS Amplifiers, and GPS Re-radiating Kits in the world.


GPS Amplifiers are designed to boost the GPS signal from 20 - 30dB. The frequency response covers Galileo, GLONASS, L1, L2 and L5 GPS bands with excellent flatness.


GPS Antennae are made specifically for the GPS bandwidth. There are Active and Passive antennae with varieties that cover the L1, L2, L5, Galileo and Glonass Bands.

Antenna Splitters

GPS Antenna Splitters are designed to help you distribute the GPS signal throughout your facility from 1 antenna. They are available from 2 ? 32 outputs.

Attenuators and DC Blocks

The Attenuators are a one input, one output device that allows the user to decrease signal strength as needed for their application. The DC Block allows the user to block the DC voltage while allowing the GPS signal to pass through.


Combiners are designed to combine the GPS signal from 2 - 4 Active antennae into one signal. The frequency response covers the L1, L2, L5 Galileo and GLONASS bands with excellent gain flatness.

Fiber Optic Network Systems

The Fiber Optic GPS Antenna Link is a complete system that allows you to convert the GPS carrier from RF to Light, transmit it up to 10 kilometers, and if necessary, reconvert it back to RF to be received by the GPS receiver.


The GPS filters are a one input, one output RF device that provides additional GPS signal filtering from a GPS antenna.

Re-Radiating Kits

GPS Networking was the first company to sell GPS Re-Radiating kits. These kits effectively transmit GPS and GNSS signals indoors.

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