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January 2011

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Greetings and Happy New Year! 


 In this issue of the Aventas Inc newsletter, we're pleased to introduce Symmetricom's PTP option for it's SyncServer S3xx products, One Stop Systems SuperSwitch products and ZARGES' redesigned website. 



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Introducing Symmetricom's New PTP Option For SyncServer S300 and S350

 Symmetricom logo  

Symmetricom makes it easy to add IEEE 1588 Precise Time Protocol (PTP) to any S300 or S350 SyncServer. All S300/S350 SyncServers are factory ready for high accuracy hardware based PTP time stamping. When enabled, the PTP Grandmaster functions are very easy to configure via the web interface, and the PTP protocol begins immediate operation.     

Symm S300    

The PTP option offers benefits that include:


  • Support for NTP and PTP within the same SyncServer
  • High sync rates to support enhanced accuracy at the PTP slave
  • Support of up to thousands of PTP slaves
  • Clear visibility of grandmaster performance levels on a network
  • Easy visualization of performance data over time
  • Ability to measure PTP slave accuracy in a network (Available with the S350 only)

  For More Information Click Here     

One Stop Systems SuperSwitch PCIe Over Cable

OSS logo

SuperSwitch™ enables you to network up to eight processors at higher speeds and lower costs than Ethernet or Infiniband solutions. SuperSwitch is used in many applications such as medical imaging, server farms, instrumentation, video and other applications requiring large amounts of data transfers from one processor to another.   OSS SuperSwitch

 One Stop Systems' exclusive ExpressNet™ software suite allows direct data transfers as well as TCP/IP transfers between multiple processors. The software drivers initialize memory address translation registers in the non-transparent bridge components that allow data to be transferred from one CPU's memory to another. With TCP/IP added, the interface is identical to a normal Ethernet port, except much faster. In addition to driver support, ExpressNet software handles hot-swap events and other networking functions. Currently, ExpressNet software support is available for Linux and Windows, with additional OS support following. 

To read a new article by One Stop Systems' President and CEO titled "PCIe Over Cable Goes Mainstream", click here.
                        For More Product Information Click Here

ZARGES' New Website

Zarges Logo
Check out the completely redesigned ZARGES website and find your ultimate case solution here.

If you have any questions about these or any of our other products, please don't hesitate to contact us.   
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