Macrolink designs and manufactures ruggedized electronics enclosures for avionic, mobile and fixed applications. Our rugged ATR chassis, COTS chassis, portable rugged workstations and SCSI & Fibre Channel storage systems meet the most demanding environmental requirements. We also offer a full range of VME & CompactPCI communications controllers.

Rugged Workstations

Macrolink provides full-featured tactical workstation that meets the most demanding requirements.

Rugged SCSI & Fibre Channel

From office to factory floor to mobile field deployment, these chassis are built to meet the demands of rugged environments.

Macrolink Rugged ATR

Rugged ATR VMEbus, ATX Motherboard, CompactPCI and SCSI enclosures. Convection, conduction and liquid cooled models. Brazed aluminum construction for strength & light weight.

Macrolink Rugged 19" Chassis

Macrolink's Leopard series is a family of premiere quality rugged chassis designed to meet extreme environmental demands and weight restrictions that are so pervasive to today's deployments.

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