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March 2011

Take a look at the new products from our partners, Symmetricom and Acromag. Symmetricom announces their SyncServer® S100 and Acromag has a new VPX Carrier card for XMC/PMC Modules.

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Symmetricom - SyncServer®  S100 

SyncServer S100 

The SyncServer® S100 is a GPS network time server designed for small and medium sized enterprises that require extremely accurate and reliable time delivered to their clients, servers and workstations from a highly responsive NTP service over a iPv4 or iPv6 compliant network.
  • GPS referenced NTP Time Server
  • Stratum 1 Operation Via GPS Satellites
  • Stratum 2 Operation via NTP Servers
  • IPv6 and IPv4 Compatible
  • Secure Web-Based Management
  • SSH, SSL, SCP, SNMP v3, Custom
  • MIB, HTTPS, Telnet, and more
  • Nanosecond time accuracy to UTC
  • Single Satellite Timing
  • Dual USB ports
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • Rubidium & OCXO Oscillator Upgrades

    For more information, click here.

    Acromag - VPX Carrier Card for XMC/PMC Modules 
    acromagvpx These new 3U mezzanine carrier cards provide a simple and cost-effective solution for interfacing a PMC or XMC module to a VPX computer system. The carrier card routes power and bus signals to a plug-in mezzanine module through the VPX card slot connector. Industrial I/O and configurable FPGA modules from Acromag or other vendors are supported


  • Half-length PCI card
  • 3U VPX carrier board delivers 25W of power to one PMC/XMC site
  • PMC/XMC site uses 64-bit, 66/133MHz PLX technology with a PCIe to PCI-X bridge
  • PCIe bus 8-lane Gen 1 or 2 interface
  • Jumper-selectable fat pipe (x4) or double-fat pipe (x8) PCI Express interface
  • Supports standard PMC/XMC modules (IEEE 1386.1)
  • Conforms to VPX VITA 46.0, 46.4 and 46.9 specifications and optionally VITA 48
  • Supports front or rear panel PMC/XMC I/O
  • Supports 64 I/O lines (P14, VITA 46.9) via the P2 VPX connector
  • 3.3V PCI-X signaling PMC site
  • +12V and -12V provided to PMC/XMC site
  • Monitors FRU information and module temperature

    For more information, click here.

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