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February 2012
2nd Special Edition

In this special edition of our newsletter, we would like to introduce you to our new partner, Handheld US. They are a North American supplier of rugged PDAs and handheld computers. Handheld US and its partners deliver complete mobility solutions to businesses in industries such as logistics, forestry, public transportation, construction, military, and security.

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Handheld is a leading supplier of rugged mobile computers and the fastest growing company in the sector. Their products are used in a wide spectrum of field applications, most often in the most demanding of environments.
Handheld's products are best known for the combination of high performance and strength to be able to handle the most demanding field applications. All their products are PC compatible and have Windows XP and later as the operating system. All products have the memory and storage capacity to handle the most demanding of field or industrial applications. All their products also have IP 64 classifications or higher and are tested for drops, vibration and condensation. 



Handheld carries a full line of rugged PDAs designed for maximum versatility in the field. Built to be mobile, lightweight and tough enough to withstand rugged outside conditions, Handheld's Nautiz X3, Nautiz X5 and Nautiz X7 offer you full-featured performance to make your mobile crew more efficient.

Tablets and Notebooks

Handheld rugged tablets and notebooks offer the perfect combination of desk-top capabilities in a lightweight, rugged form factor. The Algiz 7 and Algiz XRW let you carry extreme performance capabilities into the field or rugged environments. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the rugged industry, Handheld has successfully implemented solutions for almost all types of businesses, helping them improve productivity and efficiency in the field.


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