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December 2012
Special Edition #2

Aventas would like to introduce you to our new partner, Magma. Magma develops and manufactures PCI and PCI Express systems for servers, desktops, and portable platforms. Magma's patented expansion products extend PCI and PCI Express signals outside the computer over cable, to a chassis containing multiple card slots. Magma's product line includes enclosed and non-enclosed solutions ranging from low-end single slot expansion products to fault-tolerant, highly reliable, available, and serviceable (RAS) chassis designed for mission critical environments.

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Basic PCIe Expansion

Basic PCIe Expansion systems provide a high-performance and low latency solution for expanding PCIe slots outside any

computer - laptop, workstation, server or blade center. Add only 1 slot or up to 16 slots in separate chassis with dedicated power and cooling.  Rackmount and portable enclosures are available to satisfy a wide range of applications.



Smart PCIe Expansion

Smart PCIe Expansion systems deliver the full capabilities

of PCI Express as a fundamental technology specifically for data centers, HPC environments and defense and aerospace projects.



Thunderbolt PCIe Expansion 

Attach PCIe cards to Thunderbolt equipped computers with Magma's Thunderbolt PCIe expansion chassis.  Magma's ExpressBox 3T provides an easy, rock solid migration path to newer and faster computers while protecting your investment in specialized PCI Express peripherals made for video capture and edit, broadcast video, pro audio, communications, data acquisition, and more.


OEM Board Sets

The OEM Board Sets are non-enclosed versions of the Magma Slot PCI / PCI-X and PCI Express Expansion products. Non-enclosed board sets are intended for OEMs and system integrators who wish to utilize a non-Magma enclosure. In addition, the Board Sets may also be a solution for current Magma product owners who want to install a new Magma backplane into their existing Magma enclosure.

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