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February 2011 Special Edition

We're sending this special edition of our newsletter to introduce Symmetricom's SA.45s CSAC, the world's first commercially available chip scale atomic clock. It provides the accuracy and stability of atomic clock technology, while achieving true breakthroughs in reduced size, weight and power consumption.

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Symmetricom - The QUANTUM™ SA.45s Chip Scale Atomic Clock 
The SA.45s Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) provides the accuracy and stability of atomic clock technology while achieving dramatic reductions in size, weight, and power consumption. The newest member of Symmetricom's QUANTUM™ family of atomic oscillators is ideal for portable applications requiring precise synchronization and timekeeping, especially in GPS-denied environments. It is only 16cc in volume, weighs only 35 grams, requires only 115mW of power and is two orders of magnitude more accurate than the more power-consuming quartz-based solutions it replaces.


The CSAC's unmatched portability derives from specs that include:  

  • 115mW power consumption
  • 16cm3 volume
  • 35g weight
  • 5.0E-11 accuracy at shipment
  • σy < 5 x 10-12 at τ = 1 hour short-term stability (Allan Deviation)
  • <3.0E-10/month aging rate

At two orders of magnitude better accuracy than oven-controlled crystal oscillators (OCXOs) - and up to four orders of magnitude better accuracy than temperature-controlled oscillators (TCXOs) - the CSAC's unmatched portability opens the door to new classes of applications, such as:

  • Underwater sensors for seismic research or gas and oil exploration
  • Military systems including dismounted IED jammers, dismounted radios, GPS receivers, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

The SA.45s CSAC produces two outputs, a 10MHz square wave and 1PPS, both in a CMOS 0 - 3.3V format. It also accepts a 1PPS input for synchronization and provides an RS-232 interface for monitoring and control.


For the data sheet click here.

For questions or a price quote on the CSAC, please don't hestitate to contact us.  Our knowledgable sales engineers are here to help.    
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