The most comprehensive source for off-the-shelf PMC and VME based Digital Signal Processing (DSP), software radio, and data acquisition system design products's Our extensive product line provides design engineers with unparalleled flexibility for the most demanding applications.


Pentek offers more than sixty I/O products with mezzanine interfaces such as XMC and PMC. This includes PCI Express Generation 1 and 2 interfaces with up to x8 connectivity and Xilinx? Virtex-6 FPGAs with a multitude of A/D options. Available in standard, rugged and conduction cooled versions.

High Performance Data

Model 4207 PowerPC VME/VXS I/O Processor board targets embedded applications that require high performance I/O and processing.

Software Radio

Pentek's software radio and A/D I/O products are the most comprehensive in the industry. Products available in PMC, PMC/XMC, PCI, PCIe, cPCI and VIM formats.


As FPGAs acquired DSP capabilities with hardware multipliers, Pentek was among the first to offer board-level FPGA design kits so customers could easily add their own IP algorithms. In 2003 Pentek announced a series of extremely high-performance FPGA cores for FFT, DDC and pulse compression algorithms and now offer these as factory-installed IP cores on Pentek products.

Software Data Aquisition

The RTS Real-Time Recording Systems eliminate the time and risk associated with new technology system development. With increasing pressure in both the defense and commercial arenas to get to the market first, today's system engineers are looking for more complete off-the-shelf subsystem offerings.

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