Avionics Cards 1553, ARINC 429 » MIL-STD-1553 » PCCard / PCMCIA » ECD54-1553-1F



The PCCD-1553 & ECD53-1553 Interface Cards and AltaAPI Support Software Represent the Latest MIL-STD-1553 32-bit FPGA Protocol Engine Technology. The PCCD-1553 is a standard type II PCMCIA/PCCARD and the ECD54-1553 is a standard 54mm PCI ExpressCard. The PCCD/ECD54-1553 Passes SAE AS4111/4112 Protocol Tests and is the Only Commercial Off the Shelf Card That Supports for Full Protocol Testing AND Signal Capture as Standard Product.
Alta Data Technologies’ PCCD-1553 & ECD54-1553 interface modules are a multi-channel (1-2) 1553 card supported by the latest software technologies. The cards are based on the industry’s most advanced 32-bit 1553 FPGA protocol engine, AltaCore™, and by a feature-rich application programming interface, AltaAPI™, which is a multi-layer ANSI C and Windows .NET 2.0 (MSVS 2005 C++, C#, VB .NET) architecture. This hardware and software package provides increased system performance and reduces integration time.

The PCCD/ECD54-1553’s BC capability, including variable message framing/subframing with transmission scheduling provides the most advanced BC control operations. RT, Monitor, Playback and Signal Generator functions also include industry leading functions to meet the most demanding requirements.

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