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Time and Frequency Receiver

Time and Frequency Receiver (XLi SAASM GB-GRAM)

The XLi SAASM's GB-GRAM receiver is a lightweight, third-generation GPS PPS, 12-channel receiver. The internal Ground-Based GPS Receiver Application Module (GB-GRAM) complies with the U.S. Government's GB-GRAM program that fulfills a GPS Wing initiative to migrate to a defined, open system architecture for ground-based embedded military applications.

•Military Signal P(Y) Code SAASM GPS Receiver and Civil Signal C/A-Code GPS Receiver
•Available with Dual Redundant SAASM GPS (P(Y)) Receiver in One Chassis
•Better than ±20 Nanoseconds RMS Accuracy to UTC
•Better than 1x10 -12 Frequency Accuracy (1 day averaging)
•Standard 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
• Intuitive Web Based Management
•HTTP, Telnet, SNMP with MIB Standard
•Enterprise MIB, FTP (for Firmware Upgrades)
• Hot Start Ready via DAGR/PLGR
• Standard Vacuum Fluorescent Display and Keypad
• Completely Modular with Plug-and-Play Capability
• Numerous Field-Upgradeable, Plug-in Option Cards Available
• Flash Memory for Remote Software Upgrades
• IRIG Time Code Generator
• Standard 1PPS, Selectable Pulse Rate Outputs, Alarm, Auxiliary Reference, and Code In/Out for AM or DC

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