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Programmable Multifrequency Clock Synthesizer - PMC

Programmable Multifrequency Clock Synthesizer - PMC (Model 7191)

Model 7191 generates up to eight synthesized clock signals suitable for driving A/D and D/A converters in high-performance real-time data acquisition and software radio systems. The clocks offer exceptionally low phase noise and jitter to preserve the signal quality of the data converters. These clocks are synthesized from on-board programmable VCXOs (voltage controlled oscillators) and can be phase-locked to an external reference signal.

Simultaneous synthesis of up to up to 5 different clocks
Eight SMC clock outputs
Ideal for A/D and D/A converter clock sources
Typical phase noise: -105 dBc/Hz @ 1 kHz offset
All clocks are phase-locked to input reference signal
Input reference frequency of 5 or 100 MHz
Four programmable VCXOs with 32-bit tuning resolution
Output clocks of 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 submultiples of VCXO base frequencies
Output clock frequencies between 50 and 700 MHz
Control and status via PCI bus interface

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