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Multi Channel Measurement System

Multi Channel Measurement System

Microsemi's Multi-Channel Measurement System (MMS) is a flexible, multi-channel system that is ideal for a full production environment. This advanced instrument offers customers a cost effective way to measure the phase difference between multiple continuous wave RF signals, enabling expansion from a base configuration of four signal inputs to a full 28 in a single chassis. Chassis can be added to increase signal measurement capacity. The MMS samples all inputs once every second and computes the phase difference relative to the 32 MHz internal oscillator. The system can also be configured to measure as many as three different frequencies simultaneously, with a frequency range of one to 20 MHz.

Flexibility: Can Measure Up to 28 RF, Signal Inputs in a Single Chassis
Multiple Frequency Inputs: Handles Up to Three Different Frequencies, with Eight Inputs Each
Less than 100 Femtoseconds
Less than 5.0 x 10-13 Allan Deviation at 5 MHz (1 Second)
Standard 19-inch Rack Mount Chassis
Easily Expandable by Incorporating More Modules
Reliable: Network-based Fault Reporting and Dual Cooling Fans
Graphical Interface Available via Ethernet Connection to PC
Network Based Phase Data Output
Optional SQL Database Integrated with Stable 32

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