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GPS Disciplined Rb Oscillator

GPS Disciplined Rb Oscillator (TSC 4400)

The TSC 4400 is a time recovery system capable of generating precise timing signals traceable to UTC(USNO). It utilizes a GPS disciplined rubidium frequency reference to provide timing outputs characterized by the short-term stability of the atomic reference and the long-term stability of GPS.

•Provides a Coherent Timing Signal Set
– 1PPS: 4 Outputs
– 10 MHz: 4 Outputs
– IRIG-B: 4 Outputs
•Network Time Protocol (NTP) Server
•Capable of Steering an External Frequency Reference
•Front Panel LEDs Indicate System Status
•Status Information via Ethernet
•Operates with L1/L2 GPS Frequencies
•Includes GPS Antenna

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