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SyncServer S600

SyncServer S600 (S600)

Modern networks require accurate, secure, and reliable time services as provided by the Microsemi SyncServer S600. The Security-Hardened S600 network time server is purpose-built to deliver exact hardware based Network Time Protocol (NTP) ease-of-use features for reliable network time services ready to meet the needs of the user network and business operations today, and in the future.

  • Ultra high-bandwidth NTP time server
  • Stratum 1 Operation via GNSS satellites
  • Four GbE ports standard, all with patented NTP hardware timestamping
  • Built-in DoS detection and protection
  • Security-Hardened NTP Reflector™ with firewall protection
  • Web-based management with high security cipher suite
  • Exceptional time accuracy to UTC
  • Extended environmental specifications
  • TACACS+, RADIUS, LDAP, and more
  • IPv6/IPv4 on all ports
  • Rubidium Atomic Clock or OCXO oscillator upgrades
  • Dual power supply option
  • PTP and GLONASS ready, no additional hardware required

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