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Multi Channel Satellite Modem

Multi Channel Satellite Modem (4405)

The GDP model 4405 Multi-Channel Satellite Modem system is a digital signal / data processor. This highly flexible system provides comprehensive multi-link telemetry support for satellite ground stations in a single fully integrated package.

Software defined radio technology
Multi-mode Modulator / Demodulator waveforms: FM/PM / BPSK / QPSK / SQPSK/OQPSK/ DPSK and CPFSK AM /FSK -AM/FSKPM and others
Data rates to 40 Mbps
IF Frequencies: 70 MHz, tunable +/- 10 MHz
Tone and PRN Ranging
PCM codes: NRZ-LMS / Bi-Phase-LMS / RNRZ-15
PCM Code Conversion Capability
CCSDS SLE compatibility
Reed Solomon and Turbo encoders and decoders
Data & Network based simulators
Stream Data Recording & Playback with 1TB Capacity
FEC/ Convolutional Encoding & Decoding
Data Interleave and De-interleave
Test Loop Support
Built in Self Test
Integrated PRN BERT
GPS Time and Frequency Reference
Flexible design utilizing the latest in FPGA technology
Advanced Digital waveform generation and processing
Scalable solution allowing support of multiple communications links
Field upgradeable features and performance
Supports XML based command and control protocols over TCP/IP Ethernet Communications
Flexible interface options
Redundant power for reliable operation

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