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58534A GPS Timing Antenna

58534A GPS Timing Antenna

A one-pulse-per-second (1 PPS) signal synchronized to the GPS system within 110 ns is automatically provided when the 58534A is locked to the GPS satellites.

Long Cable Runs with Minimal Power Consumption
The 58534A conveniently operates on a wide range of input voltages and consumes minimal power, yet it can support long cable runs. Less than 1.5 watts will power the unit. RS-422 drivers inside the 58534A allow it to operate 150 meters of interconnect cable easily. Please consult Microsemi for installations requiring longer cable lengths.

Fast Reacquisition Time Following Power Loss
If power is lost, the Random Access Memory (RAM) which stores the navigation and satellite data continues to be powered by a super-capacitor for up to 2 hours (typical). This lets the 58534A reacquire satellites within 20 seconds after power is restored.

Immunity to Noise Interference
The 58534A is engineered for reliable operation in the toughest environments. Outstanding immunity to RF interference is imparted by three robust dielectric bandpass filters incorporated in the design. Furthermore, 2-bit A/D conversion, as opposed to 1-bit in competing products, is used to digitize the GPS signal to reduce noise interference. Corrupt satellite data is rejected and multipath is mitigated by the 58534As Time Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitor (T-RAIM) algorithm.

Durable and Easy to Install
The waterproof enclosure includes a high-rise dome constructed of molded, high-impact, UVstabilized polycarbonate. The bottom housing is durable cast aluminum treated with a polyester powder coat for corrosion resistance. Mounting of the 58534A is easy; a high quality glass-filled nylon clamp built into the mounting hub easily secures the unit to the top of a mast.

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