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GPS Timing Receiver

GPS Timing Receiver (GS-102)

The Model GS-102 GPS/IRIG-B Synchronized Time Code Generator (STCG) is a low cost high performance STCG that provides many features not found on higher cost units. When operated in the GPS mode, time and rates are precisely referenced to UTC or when operated in the IRIG mode time and rates are precisely referenced to the IRIG generating source. Time, position and status are available on the RS-232 I/O and the USB Ports.

It's ideal for providing time, rates and position information to camera applications, traffic light applications, E911 applications, power utility applications and computer applications. The GS-102 can provide the drive for large format wall and console time displays. In addition its small and rugged packaging is ideal for portable or dynamic applications. Rechargeable internal batteries provide more than 24 hours of operation.

The time is referenced to UTC when operating in the GPS mode. The RS-232 and manual control allow the user to configure the unit to provide local or daylight savings time or to configure the programmable pulse.

Synchronizes to GPS
Synchronizes to IRIG-B
IRIG-B AM and DCLS Output
USB Port: Time and Position
Precise 1pps Output
Programmable Pulse Output
RS-232 I/O Port
2nd RS-232 I/O Port
LED Status Indicators
LCD Display
Wide Range DC Power
Internal Rechargeable Battery

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