Scan Converters

Universal Video Format Converter (VSC/900)

The Model VSC/900 provides scan conversion and mixing for any video input signals. The unitís capabilities include conversion of any input to any output format up to 2K x 2K. In addition to operat-ing with VESA, HD ...

Video-to-Video Scan Converter Family (Model VTV/875)

The VTV/875 family of scan converters provides for the conversion of monochrome video between four video standards: RS-170/525-lines, PAL/625-lines, RS-343/875-lines and SVGA/800◊600. High-resolution sampling, in co...

VGA-to-NTSC Converter Module (Model VTV/004)

Deltaís VTV004, VGA-to-NTSC Scan Conversion Module provides for high quality conversion of progressive scan RGBHV video to a television format. The heart of the VTV004 is the video format conversion engine. Th...

Stroke-to-Video Scan Converter (Model SSC/300)

The Model SSC/300 Stroke-to-Raster Scan Converter is a rugged, flight-worthy unit designed to convert cockpit stroke video from XYZ vector to a standard raster video format. The converted video can then be recorded,...

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