Systems Integration Plus, Inc. is a full service computer systems integrator with expertise in real-time, hardware, software and system development. With a significant investment in technical resources, in-house manufacturing and test capability, as well as the latest generation software development systems & tools, SIP is well equipped to provide innovative solutions for our customers' most exacting requirements.

SIP provides products for military, aerospace, industrial and commercial customers such as:

VME / VPX / cPCI Products

Rackmount PC Products

cPCI Products (CompactPCI)

Test Systems / LabVIEW™

SIP Services Include:

• Project Management • Production • Engineering • Procurement • Assembly / Test • Documentation • Records Archival • Revision Control

Configuration Management

SIP provides complete configuration management for all of the systems that we build - hardware and software revision levels are controlled, and every system’s component serial numbers are recorded.

Specialty Software, Software Design and Integration

Just as systems require varying levels of integration, SIP provides varying levels of software design and OS integration to create complete system products.

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