Makers of Advanced RF Receivers and software for government, military, security, surveillance, broadcast monitoring, industrial and demanding consumer applications. Receivers are available in PCI, ISA, and stand alone versions. Multi-Channel Receiver Systems, Direction Finders, and Accessories.

Entry Level Receivers

WiNRADiO manufactures receivers covering from low VLF frequencies up to high SHF microwave, including shortwave receivers and VHF/UHF scanners, for consumer and professional markets.

Professional Receivers

WiNRADiO's professional receivers are a diverse mix, including monitoring receivers for audio engineering applications, marine receivers, sonobuoy telemetry receivers and phase-coherent receivers.

Receiver Systems for Surveillance, Monitoring and Logging

Designed for surveillance, security, military, telecommunications, and media monitoring applications, these integrated, turn-key products provide cost-effective, elegant and powerful alternatives to conventional multi-receiver systems and monitoring, intercepting and logging facilities.

Direction Finding Systems

It takes a long time and a lot of know-how to develop a good direction-finding system and WiNRADiO has perfected its DF technology over many years. Our DF systems are proven performers, sophisticated and feature-rich - yet still remaining easy to use, and rugged enough to be deployed in some of the most hostile environments.

Antenna Distribution Systems

Antenna Distribution Systems serve to distribute signal from one or more antennas to one or more (not necessarily the same number) receivers. They are especially useful for multi-channel monitoring systems.

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